New Jersey Transit Police — DKKM Seminar

We've had an amazing two weeks of working with so many outstanding professionals. Yesterday, we had the privilege of training New Jersey Transit Police, Amtrak Police, New Jersey State Police, U.S. Postal Police, New Jersey DOC, and a host of other agencies. Grandmaster Gidon's Police Krav Maga curriculum continues to improve law enforcement defensive tactics and, in return, has received resounding praise and gratitude from the attending officers. I'm grateful to Dave C. for his superb help yesterday along with Vlad, Keith, and Derrek. Because not all krav maga is the same.®

Use of force considerations are our foremost concern combined with effective tactics that will work against concerted resistance and positions of disadvantage. We have developed some specialty tactics that adhere to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Graham v. Connor UOF standard via the 4th Amendment. Agencies are seemingly thrilled with these additional tools we have provided them. We deeply appreciate their support and collective effort. Once again, these brave, dedicated men and women deserve not just the public's support, but a resounding thanks for their work.