Rinaldo Rossi

Black-belt instructor Rinaldo Rossi began his Krav Maga training in 2001 and his advanced training with David Kahn in 2006. Rinaldo completed his instructor certification with Grandmaster Haim Gidon in both the United States and Israel. Rinaldo is one of only a few Americans to complete Grandmaster Gidon’s certification course in Israel.

Rinaldo has taught at the Marine Corps Martial Arts Center of Excellence (Quantico), a Navy Advanced Training Command (Imperial Beach), the FBI Academy (Quantico), and the New Jersey State Police Academy.

Rinaldo has appeared in three of David Kahn’s books: Krav Maga Weapon Defenses, Krav Maga Professional Tactics and Krav Maga Defense. Rinaldo also appeared in the Mastering Krav Maga DVDs Volumes I, II and III. Rinaldo holds a third degree blackbelt in Judo.


Don Melnick

Senior Instructor Don Melnick began his Krav Maga training in 2008. Don has trained extensively in Israel, having received his advanced belt rankings and awards directly from Grandmaster Haim Gidon. Don is one of only a few Americans to complete Grandmaster Gidon’s certification course in Israel.

As co-owner of Israeli Krav Maga Cherry Hill, Don manages day-to-day operations, serves as the coordinator for Civilian and Law Enforcement training programs, and spearheads a number of Krav Maga pro bono training programs. Don has taught at the New Jersey State Police Academy and regularly travels to conduct training seminars.

Don was featured in the books Krav Maga Weapon Defenses, Krav Maga for Professionals, and Krav Maga: Defending the Most Common 12 Unarmed Street Attacks along with Mastering Krav Maga DVD Volumes, I, II and III , and the Mastering Krav Maga Online Program.


Poodie Carson

Al “Poodie” Carson is the Lead Instructor for Israeli Krav Maga Western Pennsylvania (DK). Poodie received both his Civilian Level I and Law Enforcement Levels I & II Israeli Krav Maga Association teaching certifications from United States Chief Instructor David Kahn. Poodie has also completed advanced training in Israeli with Grandmaster Haim Gidon.

Poodie has served in law enforcement for the past 25 years in numerous capacities including as a K-9, Narcotics and was a K-9 first responder at the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center Attack. In addition, Poodie has served as a SWAT team leader for the past 14 years having received special training from Navy SEAL CQB instructors. Collegiately, Poodie is West Virginia State University Alumnus having played center for four years. Poodie was recruited as an NFL free agent.