Military Krav Maga (“MKM”) provides the shortest route to hand-to-hand combat proficiency with minimum (or even no) sustainment training. A few core tactical movements may be applied to myriad situations. Importantly, MKM builds and incorporates an Airman’s existing hand-to-hand combat skill set.


Defensive preparation: The three most crucial elements of combat preparation: (1) MENTAL (attack the attacker mindset); (2) TACTICAL (tactical advantage through aggressive movement into the adversary/breaking contact) and (3) PHYSICAL preparation.

MKM’s philosophy is direct and simple.

  • Emphasizes defending against any manner of unarmed and armed attacks, while safeguarding personal weapons; to incapacitate an adversary and break contact.
  • Relies on instinctive body movements, which are easily learned, retained and performed under stress while incorporating an Airmen’s pre-existing hand-to-hand combat skillset;
  • Based on building blocks that, that when combined, allow an Airman to decisively prevail in life-threatening situations with non-lethal and lethal force options;

MKM’s military mindset or goal is to neutralize an enemy combatant with extreme prejudice:


(*Note: non-lethal and lethal options are both incorporated as directed/ROE.)

  • “Debilitate the head; debilitate the body.”
  • For both unarmed and armed situations, MKM core combatives facilitate stunning, maiming and closing to break down an enemy’s anatomical structure and then break contact.
  • MKM ground-survival focuses strictly on military applications: creating separation to place an Airman’s main weapon back on line or to deploy a secondary or concealed weapon.
  • Ground survival tactics are the same as the standing tactics (with a few modifications).

MKM has been successfully taught to SEAL Instructors, MCMAP Instructors, MACP Instructors, Royal Marine Instructors, Provost Marshals, Military Police, Shore Patrol and Air Force Security Personnel.

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