DKKM Football Combatives: Jacksonville Jaguars

Hey everyone,

Poodie and I spent a productive work week training with the Jacksonville Jaguars; an amazing group of athletes and good guys. The DK Krav Maga Football Combatives were extremely well received and called, once again, "game changers." The players, some of who train in martial arts, marveled aloud at how effective the tactics are for both modified football purposes and self-defense.

As always, this is testament to Grandmaster Haim Gidon's unrivaled fighting insights and tactics. They appreciated Haim's approach that regardless of the size, strength, or speed of an opponent, the tactics must be executed properly and optimally for them to work. It's not just aggression coupled with huffing and puffing. It's Gidon-trained execution.

We are grateful to the Jacksonville Jaguars organization for their hospitality along with the players for their hard-work and dedication. It was our honor to work with them and look forward to their no-doubt successful season. "Coach Poodie", you're the best!