Green Beret (Special Forces) Elite Sharpen Their Edge With Israeli Krav Maga

Within the course of ten days we had the opportunity to train two extraordinary groups of individuals. One group, the PPD, protects our everyday freedoms at home while the other exceptional group goes into harm's way to protect us abroad. We previously posted some of our photos of the great group of the RBT defensive tactics instructors from the Police Academy. Here are a few select censured photos for the Army SFG Poodie and I trained in their pre-deployment spin-up.

These guys are as smart as they are tough; truly exceptional individuals whom we all owe a serious, heartfelt thanks for what they and their all of their colleagues in each branches of the U.S. armed services do. It was an honor and privilege to work with them and we look forward to helping them in any way we can in the future. Grandmaster Gidon's krav maga training provides all of these great Americans with a literal and figurative edge should they require it "downrange." We wish them a safe deployment and speedy return.