A Piece Of Israeli Krav Maga Is Slaying The National Football League

In April of this year, the secret began to find daylight, two of the NFL's most proficient and Dominant Defensive players -- Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack -- have seen a rapidly evolving competitive edge — David Kahn's Krav Maga Football Combatives.

It was April 1st when David Kahn's premier instructor Poodie Carson was videoed working a knife and hand defense drill with Aaron Donald.

The sports world went a bit crazy with wonder as they tried to figure out just what this could mean. Shortly, after at the University of Buffalo, Khalil Mack was seen with inside the confines of this highly exclusive program. Just what IS David Kahn's Krav Maga Football Combatives? To answer that we need to go to the past.

Football came first —

Before David Kahn became the US Chief Instructor of Israeli Krav Maga and authored six Krav Kaga books; before Poodie Carson was a veteran Police Officer in Western Pennsylvania; before David was a senior student to Grandmaster Haim Gidon in Israel; before Poodie was a Tactical K9 rescue officer working ground zero seeking survivors after 9/11; they both played football. David played football for Princeton University, while Poodie played at West Virginia State University. The love of American football, its power and athleticism have been in their DNA ever since. This love and respect for the game in a way, has shaped the outcome of the men that they have become.

David Kahn was severely injured in his junior year of football at Princeton which effectively ended his playing career, but, not his love for the game. It was not long after that when David had met Rick Blitstein (Student of Imi Lichtenfeld) Senior Black Belt Instructor of Israeli Krav Maga who "put me on my ass so fast I just had to know what just happened to me" recalls Kahn.

As the years passed and dedication to Krav Maga compounded David and Poodie met years later while instructor Kahn was working with a collection of Pennsylvania state and local police agencies. Poodie, much like David, knew he had become a witness and part of something extraordinary. "David Kahn and Israeli Krav Maga have saved my life. There's not a day that goes by that I don't see the value it has on my safety, my body and my mind.”

Football War Dogs —

In what seems like yesterday, David and Poodie recall the discussion on American Football and how principles of Israeli Krav Maga. Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat, fitness, and mental acumen could change the game if appropriately taught and custom tailored to the individual player. David reminds us that "Football is sport fighting in every sense of the words. Football, unlike combat, has ever-changing rules. That said, football, LIKE FIGHTING, puts a new adversary in front of you every time. Tactics, techniques, and strategy that works for one player will necessarily change the next Sunday completely.”

*snap* And like that — David Kahn's Krav Maga Football Combatives had grown its wings.

Unlike a standardized "belt system" curriculum they both realized that Krav Maga was perfect for athletes for many reasons:

  • It's easy to learn, and easy to remember

  • You don't need to learn 100 moves; less is more, each technique should be compact an efficient

  • It works with the body's mechanics that are inherent in natural movements

  • Unlike many athletic programs, they don't continually evolve to suit the needs of the given situation

  • The actions are easy to internalize mentally, giving you the ability to imagine if they'll work on a given competitor

  • The training is simply different from anything a football player will be doing inside of a standard training regiment and therefore is exciting and sought after

  • There's real anatomical, positional and military science in play that underscores effectiveness and efficiency

  • The training automatically translates into life skills (if avoidance is impossible and one requires highly effective self-defense tactics)

Does it work?

To have the ability to break the guy across from you's will is what I'm all about and this stuff will help you do just that! — Khalil Mack – Chicago Bears

This stuff is football, brutal, flesh on flesh, bone on bone. The counter-moves and techniques will take you to an elite level. — Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Rams

Considering the current exclusive roster, we're pleased to say that not only are we encouraged by the results, but our clients are part of our evolutionary team. Each time we analyze film (AKA: watch a game) we get to see our training in action, see what selections and tactics were chosen in what instance in thereby through observational and player overview redefine every aspect of our training programs.

Coaches are taking notes as well. Recently having spent time with several NFL coaches and the current Ivy League Football Champion coaching staffs, they've seen the science of Krav Maga first hand. One coach exclaimed: "Standing there watching you guys control my biggest and best, was frankly pretty incredible. The movements don't [look] like martial arts to me at all and yet the work like nothing I've ever seen before.”

So what's next for David Kahn's Krav Maga Football Combatives?

We're only now beginning to expand the curriculum to foster the idea of teaching multiple players -- both defensive and offensive. "This is a whole new direction for us as we've spent countless hours creating custom programs for elite players. NOW we have a chance to develop programs for multiple players and teams — it's going to devastate the competition. Poodie laughs – "Think of having a defensive line or an offensive line, or both!, with elite military programming, working as a team every down to break down the other side and only then having them talk on the sidelines on how to change for the next opportunity. That's not a team I'd want to be matched up against!”

Want to find out more? See: http://KravMagaFootball.com