Israeli Krav Maga: Escaping Violence


Escape methods from a potential violent confrontation are a vital and significant part of the krav maga curriculum. Escape is your second choice when avoidance and de-escalation fail. Escape is different from avoidance as the aggressor has already begun his actions and you are actively fleeing. (To review, avoidance allows you to calmly remove yourself before a hostile situation begins.)

  • Your ultimate goal is to find safety through breaking contact and losing any pursuers by quickly hiding or finding safety among other people.

  • Physically escaping requires you to recognize egresses and to successfully negotiate terrain and obstacles.

  • To escape, your goal is to evade physical contact and preserve your ability to successfully flee.

  • When running away, seek the safety of other people using concealment as available. If you are part of a group, you must all act in concert: flee or fight together. If you decide to flee, when favorable, you can also turn around to ambush your pursuer(s).