Israeli Krav Maga: Conflict Avoidance

Two assailants fanning out BMJ_3710.jpg

Common sense and a few street smarts are your optimum weapons to avoid violence. Grasping the true nature and consequences of injurious violence should eliminate it as a dispute resolution option of choice. Mental conditioning and facsimile rehearsals allow you to de-escalate or walk away (always the best solution if possible) from a potentially violent situation. Prevention is often about remaining calm and rationale, but so is every other aspect of self-defense including de-escalation, escape and evasion, and, lastly, doing so with the best your ability while literally fighting for your life. A surprisingly large number of people suddenly become embroiled in a violent encounter and have no idea why it happened. Frequently, there is a buildup they did not recognize or were party to without their knowledge.

Conflict Avoidance Suggestions

  1. Be careful of other people’s personal space.

  2. Recognize kinesic physical indicators of an angry or hostile person.

  3. If in the wrong, apologize sincerely, but, be subtly prepared for a potential attack. Leave any volatile or potentially hostile situation immediately.

  4. For men and women alike, social mores should readily be ignored (for example, leave an elevator if you feel threatened by someone; don’t worry about the person’s feelings).

Justina Pratt