Krav Maga Combatives: Maximum Effect


The latest book from the Israeli Krav Maga Association’s U.S. Chief Instructor, David Kahn, is being released on June 7th. “Krav Maga Combatives: Maximum Effect” is designed for krav maga trainees, security-conscious civilians, law enforcement officers, security professionals, and military personnel alike who wish to refine their essential krav maga combatives, improve their chances of surviving a hostile attack and prevail without serious injury.

Combatives are the foundation of krav maga counter-attacks. These are the combatives of the original Israeli Krav Maga Association (Grandmaster Gidon). 

It is irrefutable that you need only learn a few core combatives to be an effective fighter. Simple is easy. Easy is effective. Effective is what is required to end a violent encounter quickly, decisively, and on your terms. This book stresses doing the right things and doing them in the right way.

Contents include:

  • Key strategies for achieving maximum combative effects

  • Krav maga's 12 most effective combatives

  • Developing power and balance

  • Combatives for the upper and lower body

  • Combative combinations and retzev (continuous combat motion)

  • Combatives for takedowns and throws

  • Combatives for armbars, leglocks, and chokes

Whatever your martial arts or defensive tactics background or if you have no self-defense background at all, this book can add defensive combatives and combinations to your defensive repertoire. Our aim is to build a strong self-defense foundation through the ability to optimally counter-attack.