A Complete Fighting System - David Kahn Talks With The American Warrior Show

We’re really excited about this program, we cover an array of great topics that (as always) will help keep you safer. One topic we stress is Awareness. In your everyday life, one should try to achieve a paradoxical balance between a sense of: (1) living without fear and (2) non-pervasive paranoia. Constant vigilance drains energy and cannot be maintained. Therefore, one’s radar has to ping behavior and circumstances which generally seem to be out of the ordinary. First impressions or gut feelings are usually correct.

Trust intuition; don’t dismiss it. 

  • If you recognize that something is amiss, beware. 

  • Intuition is undergirded by your experience and accompanying knowledge. 

  • Awareness provides you time to recognize threats and to act – rather than react. 

Awareness of what is behind you could be more important than what is in front of you. Krav Maga strives to teach you not to be susceptible to a surprise attack. The Israeli Krav Maga curriculum heavy emphasizes developing the ability to recognize, avoid, and/or preempt physical conflicts. Developing recognition of previolence indicators along with impending attacks is essential to Krav Maga. 

Again, we’d like to thank all the folks at the The American Warrior Society for letting us join you, extend education and discussion. For more see:

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