Israeli Krav Maga tactics are designed for any women regardless of size, strength or athletic ability. The goal is to present women (and men) workable defensive measures to safeguard one’s own safety. You may be your first and last line of defense in an increasingly violent world.

While krav maga teaches the same techniques for men and women alike, “infighting” and specialized ground techniques receive special emphasis for women. Violence against women often involves close proximity, especially, in a sexual assault. Street violence is volatile and, often, unpredictable. The one street certainty: there are no certainties in a life and death battle. Again, awareness is the most crucial element to walking away unscathed. If you can outsmart an attacker and prevent an attack, this is must be your first and best choice. 

Both the reactively and proactively, this chapter includes basic techniques are required to build a krav maga foundation as well as scenarios and defenses of specific concern to women. Try to absorb the theories and principles behind each respective tactic and scenario. Then, understand each cumulative step in the defensive tactic. Inculcating each movement’s purpose will allow you to perform the tactic under pressure. It is helpful to mentally rehearse yourself performing the tactics (mental training). 

Violence is an ugly reality. A violent attack can literally hit you when you least expect it. Women are especially vulnerable to violence due to disparity in size and strength along with social norms dictating women remain accommodating or passive. Everyone must make a personal decision to envision what violent street dangers might await you along with those you could possibly encounter from an intimate relationship. Be mentally be prepared to face-down and use counter-violence to overcome any violent threat or onslaught. Develop a customized solution that unfailingly will work for you. When a woman or man, is prepared to defend her-/himself with anything and everything at one’s disposal, s/he is a kravist.