Krav Maga’s popularity largelty arises from the system's genius, continuing evolution, and proven efficacy. Therefore, more and more marital arts schools, gyms, cross-fit facility and security firms seek krav maga curriculum to inject needed self-defense credibility -- and capability -- into their offerings.  David Kahn has developed countless seminars, micro-programs and discipline programming for properly vetted facilities. If you’d like to get more information on the benefits of bringing Israeli Krav Maga can do for you business please contact us. We can develop any level of non-pareil programming including (but not limited to):

  • Israeli Krav Maga Women’s Self Defense Seminars
  • Krav Kids: Bullied No More
  • Security officer training 
  • Self-Defense: The new College prep
  • Secular School & Religious School defense programming including Active Shooter protocols
  • Complete Israeli Krav Maga affiliate franchising
  • Specialty seminars and curriculum 
  • Fighting Fitness – Krav Maga Style

… and countless other programs based on time allocation, spacial requirements and customer interest. We don’t simply give you a handbook and send you on your way. We train you, to properly train others. We assist in constructing an offerings program that drives new revenues and marketing with developmental growth for customer satisfaction and retention.