Defensive Linemen

  • Defeating an Offensive Lineman’s hands
  • Creating game-changing separation 
  • Beating a double team
  • Ball stripping 
  • Counter-tactic(s) to the tactic

Offensive Linemen

  • Defeating a Defensive Lineman’s hands
  • Bull rush counter 
  • Countering positions of disadvantage
  • On your heels
  • Defeating a spin move
  • Defeating a club and rip
  • Modified footwork against outside rusher
  • Counter-tactic(s) to the tactic

Field Domination

  • Telegraphs and tacticians
  • The science of anatomical strikes
  • The Kravist mindset


  • Defeating an Offensive Lineman’s hands
  • Creating game-changing separation 
  • Stiff-arm counters
  • Ball stripping 
  • Counter-tactic(s) to the tactic

Defensive Backs

  • Ball tomahawking
  • Ball stripping
  • Stiff arm counters
  • Defeating stalk blocks
  • Defeating a block on a blitz

Skilled Positions

  • Releases and creating separation
  • Ball stripping
  • Counter-tactic(s) to the tact

and much, much, more.

Progressive development to keep you a step-ahead of your competitors season, after season.

Immersive (KMFC) Training Programs:

We recommend a minimum of two days training, though the tactics can be mastered in as little as four to six hours.  Optimally, we advocate players can allocate three days of training (four hours per day) for a 12 hour complete inculcation and reinforcement cycle.  Each four-hour training cycle is split up between a morning and afternoon session.

Program Pricing

  • Up to four players may share the cost* of the training.
  • Educational discounts are available based on team sizes and programming complexities.

Programming Commitment

  1. FOUNDATION CYCLE: Two day programming (8-10 hours total)
  2. ELITE CYCLE: Three-day training cycle (12-15 hours total)
  3. EXCLUSIVE CYCLE: Individual Player Programming: (Specific player customization) three-day training cycle (12-15 hours total)

*All programs will receive a copy of all books, DVDs, (KMFC) Training apparel, and one year access to online training.

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