People expect more realism, and, hence, efficacy, from self-defense training than ever before.  Many martial arts schools are inefficient in delivering REAL WORLD abilities, especially, those that may be learned in a short time and retained to thwart today’s perpetrators.  In other words, customers want immediate gratification that they are learning proven tactical self-defense skills used by professionals and progressing quickly within a customized learning curve.  If you’re considering developing your current school to adopt Krav Maga, or you intend to start a school — let’s do it the right way. You owe it to your investment to embrace the martial arts and self defense community with complete training:

  • Israeli Krav Maga instructor training
  • Licensing and certification to affiliate with our programming
  • Leveraging the support of books, DVDs and online training tools
  • Standard operation procedures and programming for your school
  • Marketing your Israeli Krav Maga school properly and progressively
  • Understand PRE, DURING and POST lifecycle of a student
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the martial arts community
  • Levering Israeli Krav Maga as your key differentiator 
  • Active support, recertification and road-mapping
  • Children, women, and corporate programming
  • Legal and protection considerations
  • Safety, gear, equipment

... and so much more.

If you own a school and simply wish to accent your curriculum we also provide custom programming services. Regardless of direction, we’d love to speak with you and determine if Israeli Krav Maga is the proper fit for your business desires and geographic community.